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It took this long to find my
inner kid and artist.

 I have a long history in marketing and creative agencies, having most recently worked for five years at a startup creating a cooking app for kids.  Last year I discovered painting at the Lapinlahti Art School under the excellent direction of Mikko Bossa. I was inspired by Street Art and Abstract Expressionism and Mikko advised me to trust my inner 3-year-old street artist and let it go.  And I let it go. I have had even some own  Art Exhibitions for example at Kaapelitehdas.

Besides painting, I organize  painting workshops with Mikko for companies to strengthen creative thinking  (check: ) and  do business and sustainability consulting at Freese Inc Oy.

Welcome to my next Art Exhibition to Hima&Sali at Kaapelitehdas in Nov/Dec. 2024.

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